Accredited Aesthetic Training Courses

Dr Brian Franks


We provide unique training courses and modules that offer CPD accreditation up to Level 7



Aesthetic training courses including Advanced, Foundation & Medical Micro-Needling



Brian has trained many Dentists, Doctors and Registered Nurses in medical facial aesthetics



Professor Brian Franks is a leading aesthetics practitioner & trainer, who has provided non-surgical medical aesthetic training courses since 2009 and was formerly the Clinical Lead & Senior Lecturer on the MSc in Facial Aesthetics at the School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Central Lancashire. Currently he is Visiting Professor, City of London Dental School, for the MSc Programmes. We are also a Preferred Training Provider for Allergan.

Its difficult to choose appropriate training when there are so many providers to choose from. However, if you keep in mind the following criteria when making your decision, the training you receive should put you in good stead.

• Is the course being delivered by a Medical Professional who is themselves, suitably qualified to deliver training in this field?

• Will the certificate / qualification you gain from attending this course, credibly stand up to regulatory scrutiny if, and when legislation changes? (See the latest Reports prepared by the Chartered Institute of Health and the Institute of Licensing September 2020)

• How much time will be devoted to each module?

• Will you receive appropriate hands on experience injecting live models for each and every module?

• Vitally, are contraindications and complications covered to an appropriate standard on the course?

• What emphasis is given to risk management on the course to ensure you are given the appropriate tools to protect you and your patients?

All our programme modules are accredited through The CPD Accreditation Group to Industry Level 7.


Our Mission

To inspire, educate and help medical professionals enhance their working careers with rewarding results, whilst focusing on safety and total patient care.

Our pledges to you are:

• To provide training services that enable you to provide your patients with high quality treatments safely and confidently.

• To provide you with ongoing support and advice as you need it, at and beyond the training.