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Since the mid 2010’s large, full lips have been a fashion statement, with young women wearing their newly enhanced lips like a badge of honour. However, not everyone wants to be so bold and whilst the market growth for lip enhancement is growing, there does appear to be a movement towards more natural lips.

Despite the apparent growth in this market we have found that ladies around mid 30s into their 60s are apprehensive about receiving disproportionate sized lips through lip filler treatments, like those seen on social media, which they regard to be ‘large and false’.

At Dr Brian Franks Training, the aim is to create awareness that aesthetic non-surgical interventions do not need to be so extreme as to follow fashion or trends. “Most patients just want to look ‘fresh’, ‘natural’, ‘revived’ and ‘a little rejuvenated’. In particular, lip enhancement can and does, produce ‘natural’ results using our ‘Lips Kept Simple’ injecting technique. There are several reasons why patients may request lip enhancement, ranging from having ‘no lips/minimal lips’, through to just wanting to have a more refreshed look or reducing lines above the lips (‘lipstick lines’/smokers lines’)”.


Natural Advancement

A few years ago, a young lady visited Brian for treatment and throughout her life she had contended with self-esteem issues due to having very thin, virtually non-existent lips. Whilst her friends were adorning their mouths with lip gloss and brightly coloured lipstick, increasing the perception of even fuller lips, she felt like an outsider.  ‘Naturally’, and this is the appropriate word to use here, it would be unsafe, unrealistic and impossible to augment her lips to an overly large fashionable pout, but over the course of a few treatments she was able to achieve a natural lip in order to confidently visit the department store make-up counter and choose a new shade.

We at Dr Brian Franks Training want to help our delegates support their patients and help them make the right choices.  Choosing the right dermal filler for the right patient in order to achieve their desired outcome is critical.


The #KISS webinar is available to watch on demand just above. If you would like any further information, please get in touch with us.

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