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Face to Face: The Clinic By Mona

Updated: May 4, 2021

In this series titled 'Face to Face', we delve into the World of our delegates and explore their facial aesthetic journeys, from our training to their first patient. Our hope is to help inspire our delegates to take that first leap into aesthetics.

Hi, I’m Dr Mona Attarpour and I’d like to share my journey into facial aesthetics with you and hope it helps you to start your journey too. It all began in 2016, when I attended a foundation course run by Dr Brian Franks. His enthusiasm was infectious and I thoroughly enjoyed the training. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to treat any patients for around 6 months after my training, and by then the post-course enthusiasm and confidence had evaporated!

One of the benefits of training with Dr Brian, is that his help doesn’t end when the course ends. I telephoned him for help and obviously recognising my panic, he calmly talked me through everything that I needed to do on the day. That help is indelibly imprinted in my brain. My first aesthetic patient came in. Heart racing, I remembered Dr Brian’s voice and followed his advice. The treatment went smoothly and I was elated. I was up and running. Couldn’t wait for the next one.

More patients followed and my interest grew with it. I wanted to learn more and be able to offer other treatments that patients were asking for. I signed up for his advanced courses, with the security of knowing, that if I needed it, help would be there. I expanded my treatments and my passion for facial aesthetics developed as I realised the results I could offer to patients.

An opportunity arose to buy a small clinic locally that was mostly specialising in hair removal. It took months and months to get the purchase over the line, but finally, after what seemed a lifetime, The Clinic by Mona opened for business in 2018. I also started doing injecting for a nationwide chain to gain more experience. This has been invaluable in building my confidence. I was hungry for knowledge and went on every course that I could find, to learn a variety of techniques, understand the myriad of materials available to develop an extensive portfolio of treatments available for my patients.

I had been waiting to sign up for the MSc in Aesthetic Non-Surgical Interventions whilst it was being developed, to aim for the pinnacle of qualification in the field and am now on the programme. I jumped at the chance when Dr Brian Franks asked if I would assist with tutoring on his courses and now I divide my time between my clinic, injecting for two chains, teaching and less and less dentistry.

I adore my jobs in facial aesthetics and would never go back to full-time dentistry. It’s all thanks to Dr Brian Franks and his patience in getting me over the line into this exciting adventure

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