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Face to Face: Dr Rehanna Beckhurst, ifab Clinic

In this series titled 'Face to Face', we delve into the World of our delegates and explore their facial aesthetic journeys, from our training to their first patient. Our hope is to help inspire our delegates to take that first leap into aesthetics.

Rehanna providing botox treatment to a patient at iFab Clinic

I am a dentist by education and an artist by passion: I always loved creating beautiful smiles. I worked as a dentist for 9 years before I started looking into facial aesthetics almost 10 years ago. I did a few courses, but never had confidence to work independently until I attended Dr Brian Franks' course.

Brian taught me that aesthetics is an ‘art and science’, and having a dental background himself, Brian taught me in a manner I understood, and encouraged me to ask questions. I left the course confident and eager to start practicing. Needless to say, I returned for more courses and I continued to be inspired by Brian’s enthusiasm and passion for aesthetics.

His encouragement led me to join the MSc in Aesthetic Non-Surgical Interventions and although I was initially nervous to return to academic study, with Brian’s support and guidance I carried on. I now feel stronger and even more confident to give an informed opinion on clinical cases, which I know can be supported with scientific evidence. Experience and skills are important, but evidence based practice is paramount for patients’ safety and best outcomes.

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