Tougher regulations for Facial Aesthetics?

The proposal of tougher legislation for non-surgical cosmetic treatments has hit the national headlines, in a bid to tighten the rules on provision of dermal fillers and BTX and to protect patients.

Facial Aesthetics clinician Brian Franks is one of the many professionals in the field who welcome these changes to the regulation of no surgical cosmetic procedures. As a member of the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS), the TYCT Governance Board and founder of Dr Brian Franks Facial Aesthetic Faculty Training Courses, he has personally been campaigning for such changes for some time.

“I whole-heartedly welcome the changes to these regulations, as we need to ensure such treatments are provided safely and competently. At present there is no legislation stating who can inject and where, so I completely agree that dermal fillers should be prescription-only.

“I believe it is very important that professionals are appropriately trained to provide non-surgical cosmetic procedures and so I fully support the proposed new regulation on training. All clinicians should receive a high standard of structured tuition to ensure they can provide these treatments safely and competently to patients, and I believe it is also important to ensure that there is a requirement for continuing professional development (CPD) to enable clinicians to have up-to-date knowledge and sufficient skills to deliver safe and effective treatment.

 “I also totally agree with the banning of special offers and financial incentives for non surgical cosmetic procedures, as these are and should be viewed as medical procedures. And of course, appropriate insurance is mandatory, protecting both the patient and the clinician”

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