Serum Paradoxe

Submersive Serum Paradoxe is based on new medical discoveries relating to a sophisticated Chilean Grape Seed extract. (GSPE) these grapes are grown at hill sides in the Andes mountains where the sun’s uv-ra- diation is very severe. During the evolution these special grapes have adapted to the extreme uv-exposure and secured survival of the genes.the grapes have developed their own defense against free radicals built on high contents of the two active anti-oxidative substances resveratrol and Procyanidin.

In Submersive Serum Paradoxe Beauté Pacifique provides to human skin the same active ingredients as what gave survival of the fittest grapes. The action of the GSPE with resveratrol and Procyanidin is at the same time both anti-age and anti-inflammatory and blended with Squalane, the Serum goes “Submersive” the Serum Paradoxe is a new first step to a perfectly looking make-up. the Serum fills up the pits and the pores of an imperfect skin surface and enables the make-up to also camouflage uneven pigmentation.

Unique Benefits

Fast benefits:
Prompts correction of an imperfect skin surface
Adds a visible glow-effect to your make-up
Helps the make-up to camouflage uneven pigmentation
Long term benefits:
Contains a sophisticated extract from Chilean Andes mountains Grape Seeds (GSPE)to diminish excessive rednesses (i.e. rosacea looking skin), and to
Provide anti-oxidative defense against free radicals and reduce aging signs
Contains skin-compatible Squalane to submerge the ingredients and replenish what’s lost in sun-damaged and aged skin.
Contains two types of vitamin E


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