Crème Metamorphique – Vitamin A Anti Wrinkle Night Crème

This patented night crème is a ”must-have” daily aid for everybody above the age of 25 years who wish to diminish and prevent the signs of aging. Provides the skin with two forms of Vitamin A Esters to rebuild the collagen fibers structures, and help the skin become reinforced and rejuvenated.

Use preferably as a night creme and apply very sparingly onto cleansed skin on the face and neck. It is instantly absorbed into the skin if applied in the correct amount. Apply every second night during the first week to allow the skin to adapt to the Vitamin A’s and to avoid erythema or redness.

After the first week use every night for the best result.

A scientifically documented rejuvenation treatment that works throughout the skin’s deepest layers.

Reduces wrinkles and repairs even the severely sun damaged skin.

As it is a highly concentrated formulation always apply very sparingly.

Contains a sunscreen

10 200 IU/g of Retinyl Esters encapsulated in a patented nanometric lipid delivery system to penetrate the deepest layers of skin.


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