Gelcoat C Dry Air Comfort



GELCOAT-C boosts instant moisture to the Epidermis, so the skin immediately gets a more fresh appearance that can be maintained by using the product a couple of times a day. CELCOAT-C preserves the functions of the Epidermis as long as possible and rebuilds the functions when needed. The product stimulates the very complicated processes in the cells and in the extracellular space to function most optimal.

Use GELCOAT-C whenever a feeling of dryness occurs. Use it as a non-tacky “stand alone” moisturizer or as a moisture top coat following anti-age crème. With its high content of Vitamin C the GELCOAT-C adds something completely new to the Beauté Pacifique line. In cases where there is a deficit of Vitamin C in either the Epidermis or deeper in the Dermis, GELCOAT-C fights the problem.


GelCoat-C Dry Air Comfort is ideal for use after treatment serums such as Crème Métamorphique, Defy Damage, Super3 Booster or Crème Paradoxe, either use on its own or combined use as a top coat after your moisturiser.


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