From Drill & Fill To Relax & Fill

Non-surgical Facial Aesthetics – The Natural Progression from Dentistry

It is said that a face can launch a thousand ships – but a face etched with unbecoming wrinkles and unsightly lines may cause those ships to sink all too quickly into old age.

With many people turning to cosmetic dentistry to receive a more youthful, healthy-looking smile, it is not surprising that many dental professionals are now enhancing their skill set to provide non-surgical facial aesthetics (NSFA) to frame that newfound smile. Non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as botulinium toxin and dermal facial fillers are often described as going “hand in hand’ with cosmetic dentistry. Many dentists are now expanding their cosmetic portfolio to offer such procedures in order to provide patients with the most comprehensive anti-ageing and rejuvenation experience possible.

Throughout their formal education dentists become highly trained and knowledgeable about the anatomy of the head and neck region, and through practising dentistry become very familiar with the aesthetics of the face. Furthermore, dentists are eminently qualified at gently injecting precise locations, and thus have a natural proclivity with a syringe.

UK cosmetic procedures were worth £2.3billion in 2010, and it is estimated that by 2015, they will be worth £3.6 billion. Non-surgical procedures account for 75% of this total , so there is no denying the growth in public demand for these types of treatments.

Not only does providing NSFA give your patients the refreshed and younger look they desire, it also offers you high job satisfaction while being very commercially rewarding. However, to provide a first-class service, appropriate training is the key and choosing the right course to learn and develop your new skills is paramount.

Dr Brian Franks has worked in NHS, private and corporate dentistry for over 25 years, and has a unique insight into the dental world. With his private NSFA Clinics in Harley Street and North London, he has found facial aesthetics to be a natural progression from dentistry.

Dr Brian Franks offers bespoke hands-on training courses for BTX and Dermal Fillers at Foundation and Intermediate/Advanced levels, as well as for Medical Micro-Needling and Chemical Peels. Dr Brian Franks sits on the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS) Injectable Cosmetic Providers Working Group whose task was to set up an industry-led regulatory scheme. He has obtained the IHAS ‘Treatments You Can Trust’ (TYCT) Quality Assurance Mark. He also sits on the TYCT Governance Board whose main remit is to protect the consumer.

Dr Brian Franks’ unique and experiential approach is grounded on the strength of his skill combined with his passion for teaching. Assessing the face is a fundamental focus and you are guided step by step through each treatment process. Rest assured that you will have the knowledge, technique and confidence to put your newfound skills into immediate use at the end of your training.

Pradnya Apte is the owner of Facial Aesthetics Company ‘revitalise-rejuvenate’, based at Lefroy Beauty Therapy, Exeter, and she attended Dr Brian Franks Medical Micro-Needling Training Course back in July.

“The course itself was fantastic – very relaxed and yet highly informative. It also provided an opportunity to get some hands-on training with the new procedures, which was great.

“Jan and Brian both clearly knew what they were talking about and they provided all the information we could need. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I would definitely recommend the training course to other practitioners.”

For more information on training courses, and the next dates available, call 07973 558 595 or email Jan on

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