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“Dr Brian Franks training courses will show the clinician how to assess the face as well as providing comprehensive hands on training; be competent in their new ability and satisfy the client with realistic outcomes”.

(This page is an overview of the courses, please see aims and outcomes and course content for enhanced information)

Each course is certificated.

Insurance companies will require copies of certificates from respectable training providers to gain insurance.  You will need to obtain certificates for each competency to be appropriately insured.  Your training will be itemised, failure to not obtain the correct training or certificates may void your insurance.

Level I 

  1. BTX (ANTI WRINKLE) Type A – Part I
  2. Dermal Fillers – Part I
  3. Lips Course Dermal Fillers – Part II

Primary hands-on training courses for those who are new to the field of facial aesthetics.

You will learn the core skills to safely and competently administer:

  • BTX (ANTI WRINKLE) in the upper face which includes the Glabellar Region, Forehead and Crow’s feet (3 areas).
  • Dermal Fillers in the Naso Labial Folds, Marionette folds, and lift the corner of the mouth.
  • Lips course will include the area around the mouth including the ‘smokers’ lines, lifting the side of the mouth, plumping the lips and the vermilion border.

These courses provide the clinician with the core skills to administer non surgical cosmetic procedures and give very effective results. We recommend that you attend the BTX (ANTI WRINKLE) and the 2 Dermal Filler Courses over the 3 days to gain optimum experience and confidence.

Dr Franks Facial Aesthetics Courses provide a high level of training, everyone who attends our courses is confident and competent to inject.

One to one hands on training injecting live models and 1 to 1 hands on training.

Post course email, telephone queries and support is part of your course fee.

We do not charge for subsequent course contact.

Certification will only be awarded to delegates who have injected all areas, shown safe practice, shown competency as well as completed the course.

Genuine Dermaroller Medical Skin Needling (Dermaroller)  – (Collagen Induction Therapy) using Genuine Dermaroller/Medical Micro-Needles and introducing you to the DermaPen (Mechanical Micro-Needling)  for GDC, GMC, NMC Registered Professionals, (Dental Hygienists, Dental Therapists and NVQ Level III equivalent therapists are welcome to attend this course and use the 1 mm needles).

Why Medical Skin Needling?  It stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, healthier and younger looking skin.   It significantly improves the appearance and addresses:

Tone, texture, acne scars
Aged and sun damaged skin
Facial and décolleté lines and wrinkles
Stretch marks

You will gain a better understanding of the ageing process and how lifestyle can affect the skin.  You will be able to undertake a better consultation and provide information to aid the skin healing process and protect it from further damage.  You will have better understanding of nutrition, lifestyle and why it is important in building new collagen.  We also introduce you to skincare introducing Vitamin C (Antioxidant), Vitamin A (Retinols) and sunscreen.

Perfect accompaniment to NSCP’s to improve the skin.

BTX (ANTI WRINKLE) Part II including (Oral Facial)  – Treating issues such as  excessive gingival display (gummy smile) and TMJ related issues (such as Bruxism) and  (Axilla) Hyperhidrosis. 

For those who are confident administering BTX upper face and would like to further their skills, areas will include:

Axilla Hyperhidrosis (hands on training)

Overview of basic injection techniques, doses  and patient selection

Treating Ptosis, Brow Ptosis and ‘Spock’

Refining lines and wrinkles – post treatment

Treating lines under the eyes and are there other treatments

Extending crow’s feet

Eyebrow shaping, arched, flared and horizontal shaping

Bunny lines

Lifting corners of the mouth – instead of dermal fillers!

Gummy smile

Bruxism – jaw clenching

Chin wrinkling

Celebrity injecting – how to treat but still leave expression

Lifting the tip of the nose

Perioral – and when not to treat

Overview of Platysma bands – treatment concerns

Delegate questions and any other areas we can guide you with


Course: Dermal Fillers Volumising Training and Certificate

  • Available to those who are already confident administering dermal fillers and would like to further their skills, areas will include:Cheeks (Volumising) – ‘Voluma’ Certification
    Temporals, chin / jaw line
    Nose, brow lift, scar reduction, corners of the mouth
    Party hat lines, deep lines and wrinkles
    Corners of the mouth
    Party hat lines
    Deep lines and wrinkles
    Product Selection / Comparisons
    Client Selection (Ascher Scale and Global Aesthetic Improvement Scoring (GAIS)
    Skin senescence

Dermal Fillers Cannula Training and Certification for insurance  /  Skin Boosters Training Certification 

For those who are confident providing dermal fillers through ‘injection’ technique.  “The use of cannulas has revolutionised the filler market in the last few years by making the procedure less traumatic and painful while reducing bruising in most patients by up to 80%.”  On average the needle technique will puncture up to 30 sites when treating areas on the face, whereas the cannula will puncture up to 4 – 6 sites in comparison.


  • Fewer injection sites
  • Less risk of complication
  • Ability to cover larger treatment areas at once
  • Reduced bruising
  • Decreased swelling

Dermal Fillers – Skin Boosters – areas such as décolleté, hands, neck e.g.  thinning skin 

This hands on training day runs alongside  the cannula course because you are now proficient administering dermal fillers and want to perfect your treatments and improve the skin.

Skin Boosters help to improve the structure, firmness, and elasticity of the skin by providing deep long lasting hydration. Replenishing the skins own hyaluronic acid, that time and exposure to the elements have taken from your skin, to restore a natural healthy complexion.  Over a course of treatments, skin looks plumper and veins reduced.  Through hands on training, we teach you how to build up the skin and improve the tone, texture and thickness of these delicate areas.  This course complements Medical Needling and helps to further improve the skin.


Image result for skin boosters, hands


BTX Oral Facial –  This course is combined with BTX Part II.

MASTER CLASSES in BTX and Dermal Fillers – bespoke training days.  You may wish to learn how to administer dermal fillers using cannulas and needles combined e.g. the liquid face lift.   Whatever your requirement we have expert tutors to meet your needs.  Please call Jan direct and she will help you to organise the right training for you.

Refresher Courses

Refresher training days for delegates who have already attended our courses. These courses are combined with the foundation or advanced courses but will focus more on your needs and hands on training.

As part of our continued support to you, you are welcome to attend any course that you have already trained with us free of charge (this does not include hands on injecting). You must advise us of your attendance prior to the course and certificates may be provided of your attendance.

One to One (Full Day) On Site Training

We designate these days to provide you with the best training on a one to one basis and adapt them to suit you. A variety of training techniques and levels may be combined on these days.

  • Foundation / Intermediate (including hyperhidrosis) BTX
  • Foundation / Intermediate / Advanced Dermal Fillers
  • Refresher Training
  • Medical Skin Needling
  • Skin / Rejuvenation
  • Consultations
  • Treatment Planning

(Please telephone Jan for further information and advice).

Local Anaesthesia for Dermal Filler Treatment


  • Our courses provide smaller training groups: 1 tutor to 8 delegates per course and only 1 tutor to 1 delegate for hands on training, which means that you get to inject a whole face not just one area
  • Our courses not only teach you how to inject; we show you how to provide a consultation and assess the face
  • BTX and Dermal Fillers are the most popular treatments provided in facial aesthetics to treat lines, wrinkles and volume loss. Skin tone and wellbeing are also a very big part of rejuvenation; we pride ourselves on educating delegates on how to assess the client’s face and offer alternative treatments or know when to refer when we know that our client’s needs may not be met. Collagen induction therapy (medical skin needling and an alternative to chemical peels) has become very popular in the last few years and is a great addendum to BTX and Dermal Fillers, it helps to promote new collagen, improve laxity and skin tone. This course is encouraged as part of the Foundation Level courses and will help you provide a superior service to your clients’
  • Contemporaneous note writing and clinical photography
  • All delegates are assessed and audited during the course, a written test is provided at the end of the course
  • Certificates will only be provided once the delegate has shown competency and completed the course
  • We encourage you to bring along your own models (employees/colleagues are ideal) to use as a case study, we do not charge for you to bring your nurse or front of house to attend!
  • We do not charge for post course support i.e. telephoning and emailing
  • 7 hours verifiable CPD (also provided to your nurses as proof of attendance)

Further discounts apply if more than 3 courses are booked simultaneously.




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