Chemical Peels


Skin Areas and Indications:

Enerpeel(r) exfoliating medical devices have been developed for a range of specific skin areas including the face, neck, chest and hands; as well the contours around the eyes and lips.

Enerpeel(r) – Chemical Remodeling Technology:

Enerpeel(r) is a complete program of medical devices designed to perform various types of chemical remodeling while also treating the underlying condition at various skin depths, to either exfoliate, modify skin disease symptomology or stimulate dermal remodeling.

While chemical exfoliation is well known for the treatment of several kinds of age-related skin damage and also acts as a prevention factor from damage caused by exposure to UV radiation such as keratinic lesions – which are potentially pre-cancerous.

However we also remodel deeper in the skin as Enerpeel Carrier Solutions hold the chemical agents in a ‘non active’ state where every acid molecule is ‘restrained ‘ by the carrier solution and only released after absorption across the stratum corneum. This reduces visible side effects like erythema, redness, swelling and peeling, while boosting more directly skin remodeling from within the skin.

The other key feature of Enerpeel Carrier Solutions as that by ‘isolating’ the acid molecules from one another by holding them in the carrier allows us to incorporate treatment ingredients for a variety of skin conditions such as acne, whereby the active ingredients from the associated medical creams are also in the carrier solution and are released to deliver a targeted high dose to reduce skin disease symptoms. So Enerpeel(r) is a treatment system and should be used with the key creams in the Tebiskin(r) range designed to work with the Enerpeel(r). If these treatment ingredients were incorporated into standard peeling solutions then the acids would destroy them almost immediately.

So Enerpeel technology minimises surface exfoliation and targets ore directly the lower layers of the skin to trigger skin remodeling processes where old damaged skin fibres are dissolved by the skins own enzymes and replaced by skin cells called fibroblasts which produce a new ‘youthful’ fibre matrix with increased elasticity and which replaces the old fibres and fills in the gaps in the collagen matrix.

Treatments as Well as Peels:

As stayed above Enerpeel(r) Carrier Technology also allows us to introduce other ingredients into the skin to help treat skin issues such as moderating pigmentation. For example:

Enerpeel(r) Jessners targets pigmentation through Lactic Acid and Resorcinol but also delivers key ingredients found in Tebiskin(r) Lightening Cream to promote the reduction of age and sun spots and hormonally triggered pigmentation.

Enerpeel(r) Salicylic Acid delivers salicylic acid to the skin but also delivers the two key active ingredients in medically licensed Aknicare(r) (Tebiskin(r) OSK = stronger clinic only version) to provide a fantastic clinical treatment programme for resistant acne. Enerpeel SA also comes in a lighter form for adolescents and sensitive skins and also a specific treatment for Chest and Back acne.

Enerpeel(r) Mandelic Acid transport inactive mandelic acid into the skin, which is activated by skin enzymes and can have a vaso-constrictive effect in the management of Rosacea and thread veins. However the Enerpeel MA acts as a transport medium for delivering ingredients found in Rosacure(r) creams for treating the symptoms of sub type 1 rosacea.

So you can now have the right Enerpeel(r) for complete clinical management of skin issues.